The 5 Biggest Challenges of Learning the Guitar

The 5 Biggest Challenges of Learning the Guitar


Are you facing challenges while learning the guitar? Yes, you may be because learning guitar is not a one-month or one-week task it needs patience and practice to learn it. With time you will gain the skill of guitar and play songs on it. Let’s understand what challenges are and how you can overcome them. 


What are the 5 biggest challenges of learning the guitar? 

1. Finger Pain

When you are playing the guitar, the first challenge you face is finger pain. As for playing the guitar, you need to use your fingers on the strings. Moreover, finger pain is a common reason that learners give up on learning the guitar. 

The Solution to the problem is that as beginners use nylon string guitars it is easier to play than steel string guitars. Another way is to practice the guitar for a long duration. Or press down when it is needed. Also, place the fingers in the right position when playing the guitar. 


2. Chord changes. 

Beginners learn some of the chords while learning the guitar but find issues when they need to change chords in between while playing the guitar. It is not an issue faced by the learner but experienced guitarists too faced. 

The solution to the problem is to practice holding barre chords. Start with the first two strings high E and B and keep practicing until the strings sound clear. Afterwards, move to the other three strings E, B and G. Learn things slowly, don’t be in a hurry to learn. 


3. Consistent in practice while learning the guitar. 

When you are learning anything new you need to practice. As it says practice makes perfect. Without practice, you can’t play a song on the guitar, so first learn one song, practice it and when it gets perfect then go for another song.

Furthermore, if you don’t have time then check online lessons which are short and to the point. Also, watching a video will take half an hour. Once you byheart the technique of playing the guitar you can print out tabs and practice to play the guitar. 


4. Rhythm and strumming.

The biggest hurdle for beginners is moving one arm consistently and also in a relaxed manner. 

The solution for a learner who is struggling with rhythm is to mute practice a strumming pattern over a few weeks.


5. Which song to learn?

Beginners are confused about which songs to learn as they choose one song and learn half and then choose another song. As a result, they aren’t able to learn the songs. 

You can pick your one favorite song and learn it after that goes for another song.



1. Why is learning guitar so hard? 

The reason to learn guitar is hard for beginners as they need to put stress on their fingers and hands to play the guitar. 

Another reason is a mental challenge as they need to memorise notes and chords. 


2. Was it hard to learn the guitar?

Learning anything new is hard in the beginning. But it becomes easy when you stick with it and keep practicing it. 


3. Was learning the guitar good for your brain?

When you learn anything new you discover new ways of thinking. While learning guitar you gain new skills and concepts as it provides a lot of opportunities to grow. 


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As a beginner, you will face the 5 biggest challenges of learning the guitar which can be solved through patience and practice. Also, through implementing the above solutions. There is nothing easy when you begin so keep going to achieve what you want. 


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