Are Guitar and Ukulele the same?

When you want to learn anything new, you need effort and time commitment to understanding it; the same applies to musical instruments. There are two instruments that look the same: Guitar and Ukulele. When you see it from the far, it seems the same, but questions arise: Are the Guitar and Ukulele the same? Let’s understand what both instruments are, their similarities, differences, and the challenges the learners face while learning. 


What is a Ukulele?

It is a small stringed instrument. The Ukulele originated from the Portuguese, and it got popularisation in Hawaii. 

It is made of tonewood with four nylon strings. You can play with your fingers or with a pick. 

There are various types of ukuleles available such as:

  • Contrabass ukulele
  • Pocket ukulele
  • Pineapple ukulele
  • Soprano ukulele
  • Tenor ukulele
  • Baritone ukulele
  • Bass ukulele. 


What is a Guitar?

It derives from an ancient lute, and it is a stringed instrument. There is various form of Guitar, such as: 

  • Classical Guitar
  • String Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar


What is the similarity between Guitar And Ukulele?

Guitar and Ukulele have some similarities, such as follows:

  • Strings instrument of Guitar and Ukulele

Do you know the most significant similarity between Guitar and Ukulele? No, the most considerable resemblance is Strings instruments which work under the same principle of natural Amplification. 

They both produce the sound through strumming strings covering a hollow wooden body. 

  • Body shape

Most acoustic guitars and ukuleles share a familiar shape and size. Also, it amplifies sound in a lightweight body. 

  • Playing styles. 

When you are learning Guitar and Ukulele, you can play them as harmonic and melodic instruments. 


Difference between Guitar and Ukulele.

When you decide to purchase and learn the instrument, knowing the difference is essential because it helps you make the right decision. With the help of differences, you can know which is better, the guitar or the ukulele.


1. Size

When you are searching for an instrument that is portable and easy to reach from point A to Point B. Here, the ukulele is perfect as it is smaller in size than the Guitar. Additionally, it is an awesome instrument for young children to learn music.


2. Sound of Guitar and Ukulele

When you play the music on a ukulele, it is lighter and brighter than guitar music. When you play acoustic Guitar, it has a full and loud sound because of the large size and nickel-coated strings. 

The electric guitar sounds different because of guitar amps and effective pedals.


3. Strings

When we talk about strings guitar has 6 strings from lowest to highest (E-A-D-G-B-E), which you need to follow while playing it. 

Another side Ukulele has 4 strings ( G-C-E-A) with no order from low to high. Due to this reason, it is easy to learn and play guitar. Additionally, the strings of the ukulele are soft and put less pressure on your fingers while you play. 


4. Tension.

The strings of the Ukulele are stretchable as they have low tension. At the same time, strings on a guitar have high tension and tightness. So while playing the Ukulele, you feel comfortable, and fewer fingers hurt than the Guitar. 


5. Price difference between Guitar and Ukulele

As ukulele learning is easy, the cost is also less. You can purchase a ukulele for between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000. To buy the Guitar, you need to spend at least Rs 2000, and learning it is more difficult than learning a Ukulele.


6. Users of Guitar and Ukulele

All the learners and users are not versatile while playing the Ukulele as they can’t play all kinds of music. On the other hand, while playing the Guitar, the user is versatile and can play all kinds of music. 


Types of Ukulele

1. Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano Ukulele is a portable and less expensive instrument. And having a jangly sound and its suitable for taking one place to another place. 

People with large fingers have trouble playing the soprano ukulele as the frets are close together. 


2. Concert Ukulele

The Concert Ukulele is a bit bigger in size than Soprano and produces more sound than Soprano because of its size. Also, it creates tension on strings which is beneficial for players who want to bend strings out of tune. 

The large fingers players can play it as frets have more space on a concert ukulele. There are up to 20 frets which allow players to navigate higher notes on the fretboard easily. 


3. Tenor Ukulele

The Tenor Ukulele is larger in size than the soprano ukulele. Additionally, you get heavier and richer and a full sound instrument. 

The tenor has good qualities and capabilities to reach higher notes, so it is right for the player who wants to be a singer. 


4. Baritone Ukulele

The Baritone Ukulele is the father of the ukulele family. Also, it has 4 strings of Guitar, giving a deep sound. As a result, the snappy tonal qualities are lost that you achieve from the soprano ukulele. 

Furthermore, it is difficult for people with small hands and fingers to reach certain chords on the baritone. As a result, for them learning Baritone Ukulele is hard. 


Types of Guitar.

1. Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar has two types: the steel string acoustic guitar and the classical Guitar. The steel-string acoustic Guitar creates a metallic sound and has flat tops. At the same time, Classic Guitar has a wide neck and is strung with nylon strings.

The Acoustic Guitar has a deep tone and is hollow on the inside. 


2. Electric Guitar

 The strings of the Electric Guitar are thinner and closer to the neck. As a result, less force is required to press down. 

 The Electric Guitar produces more metallic volume and has a long decay. Also, the Guitar is useful in rock, jazz and pop music. 

When you plan to buy an Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar click here to find out more about which guitar you should buy.


 Common Challenges Learning Ukulele vs. Guitar.

 When you are Learning Ukulele and Guitar, there are similar challenges such as the following.

  • Holding the instrument.
  • Get a feeling of awkward when strumming
  • Sore fingertips
  • Every note in a chord rings out clearly.
  • Playing the chord smoothly as you need to change. 

 Learning Guitar is more challenging because of the following reasons.

  • It has increased fret spacing in it. 
  • Reaching some chords while playing the Guitar is difficult.
  • There is more stress on your finger when you play the Guitar.
  • While playing the Guitar, you must be aware of the strumming you play. 

 Which one is better: ukulele or guitar to learn? 

 For the above reason, learning Guitar is harder than learning a Ukulele. A ukulele is an easy instrument with a small size and stretchier strings.

 There are also other factors which you can consider which are better to learn. The factors such as comfort, portability, price and which is easier to learn your favourite songs. 

 Ukulele is an instrument right for the small hand and easy to learn. While the Guitar is right for big hands and mediocre players.


 Wrapped Up. 

I conclude ukulele and guitar both instruments have some similarities, such as playing styles, body shape, and learning it causes finger pain. While the difference is size, using it, sound and tension. You can choose any instrument according to your requirement. 

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