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7 Best Bass Guitars

Whether you wish to master the melodies or start as a young guitarist, bass guitars are always a fantastic choice to go for! But always making the right choice is not easy, especially when there are numerous options in the market to grab your attention. It can be confusing to come up with the perfect fit for you. So, we will be discussing here the 7 Best Bass Guitars.

However, you should not worry at all! If you are looking for the best bass guitars to quench your musical thirst, then welcome to this enlightening article. Here is a list of the top seven bass guitars that will help you create sweeter melodies than ever!


1. Yamaha TRBX174 4-String Electric Bass Guitars

Every guitarist wishes to have a guitar that is second to none in looks, feel, sound and playability. If you are on the same quest, then the Yamaha TRBX174 4-series bass guitar is the perfect choice for you! It is an innovative combination of precision engineering and advanced design.

The guitar has a fantastic body crafted in mahogany, a neck of maple, and a fingerboard made of rosewood. The guitar has a vintage-style bridge which adds to its amazing look. Moreover, Yamaha TRBX is perfect for beginners who wish to start with a bass guitar.


2.  Ibanez GSR180 – BS, Four Strings Electric Bass Guitar

Ibanez GSR180 – BS, four-string electric bass guitar is a classy guitar with a brown sunburst finish on a body crafted in Mahogany wood. The guitar features equip you with four powerful strings to produce warm and rich tones. The GSR4 maple neck is very comfortable therefore enhancing the playability for beginners.

The rosewood fretboard with 22 frets assists a guitarist in producing musical sound. The perfectly matched electronics, strong build, lightweight body, and variety of budget for Ibanez GSR180 – BS, four-string electric bass guitar make it an amazing choice!


3. Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar

Are you looking for a bass guitar that caters to you with the comfort of a small neck? If yes, then your search ends here! Ibanez 4 string bass guitar has a 28.6 inches short-scale neck that assists young players with great comfort.

However, it is a perfect fit for experienced players as well who prefer small necks. It has a beautiful and compact body crafted in mahogany wood along with a fingerboard of rosewood.

The lightweight body makes it more playable, and the bass with a short scale helps players with small hands. Indeed, it is a great choice if you wish for a cost-effective and easy-to-play bass guitar.


4. Yamaha TRBX305 BL 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

Yamaha TRBX305 BL 5-String electric bass guitar provides you with a delicate balance between rich tones and long-lasting comfort. It produces clear, noise-free sound with its hum-canceling pickups. The guitar has a compact mahogany body, a neck crafted in maple, a rosewood fingerboard, and a scale length of 34 inches.

Its integral thumb rest caters to the guitar players with natural playability, and the neck joint helps balance vibration transfer and strength. Moreover, the adjustability of the neck joint allows you to produce clear and punchy tones. Whether you wish to go for slap or fingerstyle, the 18mm string spacing facilitates both with adorable expertise.


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5. Sterling RAYS – MG – M1 Ray 5 MG Mint Green 5 – String Electric Bass Guitar

Sterling RAYS – MG – M1 ray 5 MG mint green 5 – string electric bass guitar is classy bass with a compact body of satinwood. The back and neck of the guitar are crafted in Maplewood, and the fretboard is made of maple. It has five nickel steel strings along with a scale length of 97.3 inches.

The guitar has low noise, and humbucking pickup helps the player produce clear and noise-free tones. Moreover, it features 2-band active preamp controls 9V powered active preamp along with individual volumes. It is surely a great choice for a guitarist with any experience level.


6. Squier Classic Vibe 70’s Jazz Bass Maple Fingerboard Natural

Squier classic vibe 70’s jazz bass is an adorable amalgamation of retro style and modern hardware along with custom electronics. It has a sturdy yet lightweight build, which makes it a considerable choice for beginners as well. It has a tapered c – shaped neck and a robust body crafted in maple wood.

The guitar has an easily playable fingerboard with a radius of 9.5 inches. The most appealing quality of Squier’s classic vibe, 70’s jazz bass, is that it helps you work out with any musical genre. Yes! It is versatile. Whether you like fingerpicking or slap bass, Squier’s classic vibe of 70’s jazz bass will never disappoint you.

To maintain the guitar in tune, hold a solid intonation, a bone nut, and four – saddle Hardtail Bridge is provided. Moreover, it gives you nickel-plated hardware, exclusive headstock markings, and vintage-style tuners.


7.  Yamaha TRBX204 4 – String Bass Guitars

Are you looking for an affordable bass guitar with a powerful pickup configuration? Yamaha TRBX204 4 is a versatile bass guitar that can fit every stage and style. It has a robust body, built-in basswood, and a comfortable neck of maple.

The guitar features a rosewood fingerboard and vintage-style bridge along with die-cast tuners. The two-band equalizer of the Yamaha TRBX204 4-string bass guitar helps the player in producing more aggressive tones.

It equips you with a four band control circuit for balance, master volume, and 2-band equalizer. Once you get your fingers on its strings, you are surely going to love it!


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Buying Guide

Now that you have decided to buy a perfect bass guitar, it’s time to explore various factors that you need to consider before choosing.

●    Size Of The Guitar

The size of a bass guitar depends on the string length and the scale. Basses are available on both long and short scales. You must always match the size of the bass guitar with the size of the guitarist.

●    Tune Of The Bass

It would help if you always prefer to play the bass once to check to tune stability. However, the larger strings of basses make tuning issues rare in comparison to other guitars.

●    Action

Action is how high the strings are relative to the neck fretboard. If the action is too low, the sound will be unpleasant, buzzing, whereas it will be difficult to play if the action is too high. Therefore always make sure that the bass has balanced action.

●    Frets Level

You must check if the frets are in level and the notes are harmonious. Uneven frets can have bad notes on various parts of the neck. Make sure to run your hand over the necks to see the frets feel even.

●    Neck Width

It would help if you chose the neck width based on the guitarist. There are both wide and narrow necks available for you. Young guitarists can play better with thinner necks.


Concluding Remarks

Bass guitars can be your exciting companion on stage as well as on musical evenings. They are a perfect fit for beginners. But the presence of various options might overwhelm you and create confusion.

Therefore, this article presented the top seven bass guitars that will not disappoint for sure. Apart from the list, make sure that you sincerely check factors mentioned in the buying guide like neck width, fret level, action, and tune of the bass before making a final choice.

We hope that this article helps you in coming up with the best choice. Also, do not forget to share your favourite bass guitar in the comment section below.

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