Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar

Should I Buy an Electric Guitar or an Acoustic Guitar? 

Should I buy an electric guitar or acoustic guitar

Are you confused about which guitar should I buy an electric guitar or acoustic guitar? The electric guitar requires external amplification to provide good performance volumes while playing. Its other name is a string instrument.  While acoustic guitar comes with strings plucked in it and its produced sound from a sound hole. Let’s understand in detail which guitar to choose. 


 Electric guitar VS Acoustic guitar? 


Are you confused about which guitar should I buy an electric guitar or acoustic guitar for learning? Here, I will clear up your confusion depending on various factors. 

1. Playability


The Electric guitar is easier to learn and play. Because strings are lighter and more comfortable to learn because they are smaller than acoustic guitars. While learning acoustic guitar is harder because the string is heavier and the height of the string is higher than electric guitars. 


The good part about the acoustic guitar is there is space between each string. As a result, you can learn guitar easily as it provides space to put your fingers. 


2. Mobility and accessibility for Electric guitar Vs acoustic guitar.  

You can carry the acoustic guitar whenever you want to go. You can carry on a trip with friends, or the marriage of family or friends or at any event. Because it does not need the power to play. While an electric guitar needs a charger or power source to play it, which is a worrying case on a trip. 

3. Tones

The acoustic guitar has a limited number of tones, due to which it is less versatile and you got stuck with the tone. Additionally, it does not have features that allow you to add reverb effects. 

The electric guitar has a customizable tone. Additionally, you can adjust the level of distortion and add effects to the electric guitar and have control over it.

4. Shape

Both guitars are different from each other in look and shape. There is more variation in shape, colours and finish of electric guitars than acoustic guitars. 

The following differences in shape are : 

  • String instruments have small bodies while acoustic guitars have large bodies.
  • There are 5 main body shapes of acoustic guitars such as dreadnought, parlour, jumbo, auditorium and classical.
  • The electric guitar has 6 main body shapes such as Stratocaster, telecaster, LP-style, SG-style, Offset and Flying V. 
  • Acoustic guitars do not have control over the body. On the other hand, the electric guitar has 3 main controls on the body. It has a pickup selector, tone control and volume control. 


5. Feel

When you are beginning your journey to learn guitar, an important factor is how you feel when you play it. If you are comfortable playing guitar it becomes hard for you to learn. 

The string height on the fretboard is lower on electric guitars compared to acoustic guitars, which makes it easier for learners to fret notes on electric guitars. As well as needing less finger strength. 

While you are buying a guitar go to a local store and check which guitar makes you feel comfortable. Once you understand which guitar is comfortable for you, buy that. 

6. Sounds

An electric guitar is a guitar that uses electricity to amplify its sound. While an acoustic guitar is a guitar that relies on acoustic properties to produce sound. 

Electric guitars are generally much louder than acoustic guitars. They’re also capable of producing a wider range of sounds, thanks to their built-in amplifiers.

On the other hand, acoustic guitars are typically quieter and have a more limited range of sounds. However, they’re often seen as more “authentic” than electric guitars since they do not rely on extra electronic equipment to make their sound.

7. Pick Your Genre

If you’re looking to play a specific genre of music, then you’ll want to pick the best guitar suited for that genre. For example, if you’re looking to play country music, you’ll want to pick an acoustic guitar. On the other hand, if you’re looking to play metal music, then you’ll want to pick an electric guitar.

Of course, you don’t have to pick just one genre. You can always learn both guitars and be able to play a variety of genres. Ultimately, the decision of which one to pick comes down to what you’re looking for in a guitar and what kind of music you want to play.

8. Gear of electric guitar or acoustic guitar. 

The difference between both guitars is the gear and accessories in them. Electric guitars consist of accessories such as distortion, overdrive and wah pedals while acoustic guitar is without accessories. 

Gear in the guitar is a distraction while learning as it does not play any important role while purchasing the guitar. 

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Advantages of learning electric guitar. 

  • The strings of a guitar make you comfortable and it is easy to play the guitar on your fingers. 
  • While playing electric guitars, holding chords is easy, as the width of the neck is narrow. 

Disadvantages of Electric guitar. 

  • As a beginner, it is difficult for you to decide on the right tone for the guitar. Due to this, it might be possible you bought the wrong guitar. 
  • What you play on an electric guitar is the same thing you can play on acoustic guitar is difficult. 
  • When you buy a guitar you need to buy an amplifier. 

Advantages of acoustic Guitars. 

  • There are a lot of people who prefer a calmer tone of the guitar, whereas acoustic guitar is the right to learn. 
  • When buying an acoustic guitar no need to buy cables or any amplifiers. 


  • The string makes the beginner uncomfortable and they can play the guitar for 2o minutes. It is due to immense pain because of the string on the fingertips. 
  • A wider fretboard will not be enjoyable. 
  • Harder strings of the guitar make playing chords of the guitar difficult. 

The advantages and disadvantages of electric guitar vs acoustic guitar. 

Which guitar to buy an electric guitar vs acoustic guitar? 

  1. Fender Squier MM Stratocaster Electric Guitar. 

The neck of the electric guitar is made of quality maple to punch in the tone. Its bevelled edges make it easy to handle the guitar and do practice sessions. Additionally, the guitar is lightweight, has a hardtail bridge, and has a satin neck finish. 

2. JUAREZ Right-hand acoustic guitars. 

The guitar is made of wood and provides a quality sound while playing. It considers strings, pick and strap accessories in the guitar. 

There are many options available on amazon for the guitar you can choose from it. 


When you buy the guitar consider comfortability factors because without comfort you will not be able to learn the guitar. After that check sounds, tone, and genre factors and buy the guitar. For comfort, the electric guitar is best and for mobility and advanced-level guitar person, the acoustic guitar is best. 

All the points considered in the article should I buy an electric guitar or acoustic guitar? Hope it is helpful. 


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