Best acoustic guitar for beginners

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In this article, we provide you with the best 7 acoustic guitar for beginners, which is very helpful for newbie guitar practitioners. So guys let’s enjoy reading these tips to your guitar passion.


While scrolling through Instagram, you must have watched Instagram live concerts by musicians. You must have been bewildered by their exceptional talent. Instagram musicians stun and inspire right from kids to young adults to pursue music.

Legends like John prime, bill withers, and Adam Schlesinger their career inspires every music enthusiast to learn guitar. Playing instruments is an excellent option for hobbies as it is mandatory in Covid-19 to stay at home. A beginner who wants to learn guitar should choose an acoustic guitar as it’s a little bit easy to understand.

 If you are planning to learn guitar, you should slowly transition from beginner to advanced. Guitar experts say that the benefit of learning guitar is that with the help of only a few chords, you will be able to play songs and entertain your loved ones without any previous lessons.

As we all know, acoustic guitars are expensive; you should not spend a massive sum of money on buying a guitar to learn it. In the beginning, you should start with a guitar at a reasonable price. But you should have some idea or framework in your mind about what sort of guitar you will look for in an online or offline marketplace.

 As per experts, if you have a budget of $500, you can quickly get a fantastic guitar that will be the best for beginners like you. If you search for guitar on Amazon or any other e-commerce platform, you will find several different quality and price ranges. These options may confuse you a little bit and mislead you to buy the wrong one, which may discourage you from learning guitar.

To help you identify the right guitar out of 1000s of guitars, we have provided a guiding manual to shift through different options here in this blog post. And this guide will assist you in buying the best economical acoustic guitar for a beginner like you. Let’s hope this guide can help any upcoming guitarist superstar like Bob Dylan.

Best acoustic guitar for beginners

1. Best Overall Acoustic Guitar

Martin LX-1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Several experts recommend Martin’s guitars; Martin LX-1 is a highly recommended acoustic guitar for beginners. It’s a best seller acoustic guitar by Martin’s. There are several reasons behind its popularity as this guitar is smaller in size, has a fantastic sound, and high-quality material.

There are only a few guitars of smaller size in the market, which sounds excellent as this sort of guitar is the right fit for first-time learners or first-time buyers because it’s effortless to deal with by beginners.

Small body guitar has fans worldwide, including Hollingsworth and musician Christian Lee Houston ( they collaborated with Phoebe Bridger and bright eyes ). Hutson recommends little Martin Martin for beginners. He further says that anyone can record music and provide excellent intonation, which carries tune in every condition.

Hollingsworth agrees with Houston on the quality of this guitar. He says that Little Martin sounds excellent in every situation possible, even if you play Little Martin in your bedroom. However, it’s an affordable Acoustic guitar for beginners.  But even experienced guitarists play guitar on Little Martin and keep it closer to their hearts.

Best acoustic guitar for beginners

2. Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top

Every beginner has its budget and quality standard for their first guitar. A beginner searches for a guitar whose body is more petite and splurges less money on your guitar.

Experts highly recommend purchasing Gretsch, which is similar to Little Martin. Along with that, its small size makes it favorable for beginners because it will be easy to handle. Its quality is impressive according to its price.

 Hollingsworth loves this guitar, and he plays guitar of all the models of Gretsch. You will be surprised to know music icons like Chet Atkins, founder of Nashville Sound, also played Gretsch guitar.

Best acoustic guitar for beginners

3. Best less expensive big acoustic guitar

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

If you have decided to splurge less on your first guitar and want a full-size guitar. Experts recommend Yamaha F335 Guitar according to your requirements. Hutson praises the Yamaha guitar for its quality. He recommends it to every beginner.

 Hutson plays guitar on it from time to time. It was the first guitar on which he played music. Also, he recorded his first song on Yamaha guitar only. When you play a song on this guitar, You can experience its simplicity, fundamental design, effortless sound, and ease to deal with a unique and robust structure.

If you want to buy something new, reliable, and of excellent quality, you can purchase a Yamaha. I have talked to several guitar store owners, and they told me that people honor buying Yamaha guitars compared to expensive Brand guitars such as Gibson and Martin models.

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Best acoustic guitar for beginners

4. Best Classical Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Alvarez Regent 26 Classical Acoustic Guitar

Mostly you will find nylon or gut strings in guitar. But in this list, we have provided a guitar with steel strings. Guitar with steel strings is constructed for traditional baroque or flamenco music.

 If you desire to play classical music, you should purchase Alvarez Regent Guitar. Alvarez guitar is a brand that carries the trust of several people. The Districts’ Rob Grote was a fan of Alvarez Guitar. This guitar is the best option for beginners.

Considering its price, it has incredible quality, and it is the best classical model of guitar. Due to its slimmer neck, beginners can efficiently deal with it. You can record your songs easily on this guitar. Alvarez is a company situated in Asia. It has popularity all around the world and competes with famous U.S. brands.

Best acoustic guitar for beginners

5. Best Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD- 140SCE Dreadnought Guitar

The quality guitar comes at a higher price. Ideally, the guitar should be made with pressed plywood. Solid wood guitars are a little bit expensive compared to pressed plywood guitars.

 Suppose you are willing to spend more money. You should invest your hard-earned money in a guitar from Fender. Fenders guitar is a famous brand in the guitar world, which makes it the best guitar in both offline and online marketplace.

 If you want a fantastic sound, solid-wood top, and classic cut in guitar. Then Fenders guitar is the best option for beginners like you. Another advantage of this guitar is its high-quality hardshell body, making it the rarest choice in the market at this price. Investing money in Fender’s guitar will be worth every penny.

Best acoustic guitar for beginners

6. Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners from Lesser-known Brands

Simon & Patrick Woodland Cedar Acoustic Guitar

While searching for a guitar in the marketplace, some people want to look beyond popular names. On the other hand, some folks search for something far from more prominent characters. Simon and Patrick’s guitar is the brand that provides economical acoustic with excellent playability.

This brand is situated in Quebec. Several people prefer the Simon and Patrick brand for their first guitar. Woodland Cedar is one of the popular models of Simon and Patrick. Several experts recommend it.

Experts suggest if you preserve Simon And Patrick’s guitar adequately. Its performance will surpass Gibson J200, one of the models whose product price starts from a whopping $3000.

Best acoustic guitar for beginners

7. Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners What not Many People Know

Art & Lutherie Americana Series Acoustic Guitar

Every novice who is searching for a guitar on an online or offline marketplace. They should consider purchasing acoustic guitar, Art & Lutherie. It is a brand by the Canadian family, which works behind the brand Godin.

Godin is a costly brand for beginners. Art & Lutherie Guitar is a highly developed, ingenious, and handmade instrument. These properties make it favourable for beginners.

Along with that, this company takes eco-friendly measures while developing the guitars, which reduces the environmental footprint. One of the Godin brand principles is to utilize woods from formerly fallen trees for constructing their guitar. They do not cut trees which displays their concern towards the environment. The brand creates distinctive style, unique cut, and colour guitar.


When you decide to learn guitar, it may seem like an exciting process to choose a guitar. But, at the same time, selecting a guitar for yourself can be a difficult step of the guitar learning journey if you don’t have a crystal clear framework for choosing the right guitar. For the novice, it’s essential to consider several factors like various woods for bodies and necks, different designs, and cuts. But the most critical factor is it should be easy to use, sounds excellent and excellent performance. So we hope we helped you find a guitar that will be an amalgamation of the right price, great function, and fantastic sound. 


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