Hello, Guys welcome back, In this article, we provide you with the Best 7 Electric Guitars for Beginners, which is very helpful for newbie guitar practitioners. So guys let’s enjoy reading these tips to your guitar passion.

Now you have determined to master the art of playing the guitar. In your life, one of the enriching skills you can learn is the art of playing the guitar. Though it appears challenging, and it isn’t easy to convince ourselves to learn this skill.

A Guitar is Like an Old Friend That is There with Me.

To begin the journey of learning the guitar, you will require an electronic guitar. Luckily you have landed on the right blog to know the details about the electronic guitar. Here we have gathered complete information about the electronic guitar, which will be suitable for beginners.

You can focus and invest more time learning guitar rather than researching on google about the price and quality of different electric guitars.

We have researched from the ocean of knowledge available on google, youtube, podcasts, and books. Moreover, we have several rounds of interviews with guitar industry experts to provide you crystal clear ideas about different types of electric guitar, which will help you make accurate decisions. With improvement in manufacturing techniques, the quality and designs of electric guitars.

So get ready as we will bombard you with all the details about the beginner-friendly electric guitar. We will provide a comprehensive guide on selecting the right electric guitar according to your style, musical inclination, or learning goals.

We will cover the nitty-gritty of guitar right from different shapes with distinct benefits and functionalities, which should be the top priority of beginners who will learn guitar.

Let’s Start

First of all, if you are choosing an Electric Guitar for yourself, your selection of guitar will depend on several factors such as its pricing, sound quality, versatility factor, and artistic beauty. In an offline or online marketplace, every guitar carries its features, properties, and benefits. We are still considering all the aspects of the electric guitar.

We want to recommend the Yamaha Pacifica 912 V. It is the best electric guitar for beginners like you. Yamaha Pacifica 912 V had introduced 30 years ago. This fantastic guitar gives the right balance of affordable price, outstanding quality, incredible performance, and it has superb visual attraction.

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Electric Guitar for Beginners

1. Yamaha Pacifica 912V

Yamaha Pacifica 912V launch in the year 1993. Over time this guitar has earned massive popularity for its outstanding quality in the marketplace. However, it does not match the quality level of Fender or Gibson. But it provides a level of good sound quality and great artistic level which is best in the market according to its affordable pricing.

In this guitar, at the breach, there is a humbucker that guarantees an impressive sound. For providing a remarkable breadth of tones, it has got two single council pickups. See, you can easily find mediocre and inefficient electric guitars in the offline or online marketplace. Yamaha Pacifica will be your helping hand in your plan for the upcoming several years.

Electric Guitar for Beginners

2. Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster

In Fender’s electric guitars list, you will discover guitars from expensive to inexpensive electric guitars. The Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster will handpick as one of the finest electric guitars for beginners. It is a beautifully crafted electric guitar. Thus it can cope with your beginning years of learning the art of guitar.

Electric Guitars for Beginners

3. PRS SE Standard Electric Guitar for Beginners

PRS SE Standard is an excellent electric guitar embellished with fascinating woods and other alluring substances. Compared to other guitars, the PRS SE Standard is new in the world of affordable guitars. But this guitar has made its mark in this world. The SE complete form is ‘Student Edition. ‘ Surprising fact about PRS guitar is apart from its price, it has got world-class features, and yet it is incredibly affordable for beginners like you.

A beginner who is low on budget/should invest in SE standard 24. PRS SE standard 24 has 24 fret necks. This particular feature permits slight added advantages while playing PRS guitar. And this feature is handy for beginners like you. PRS guitar’s fantastic feature is the reason why PRS SE Standard 24 is highly recommended for beginners. PRS SE Standard guitar body has a well-crafted top that augments comfort for beginners. And lower horn helps in easy accessibility of the upper fret.

The hardware of PRS SE Standard 24 is well built, and you can easily rely on it for beginners lessons in guitar. It is an ideal guitar for an individual who hates constantly fighting with your guitar to keep it in working condition. You can find pickups like PRS own 85/15″S” creations in this guitar, a redesigned face of the pickups in costlier guitars by magnanimous brands. Moreover, you will also find a coil-split secluded in the tone control, and you are introduced to added tones. This fantastic guitar has mind-blowing features at an affordable price which makes it a beginner-friendly product.

Electric Guitar for Beginners
Epiphone Les Paul Studio

4. Epiphone Les Paul Studio

In the last 60 years, all the music you have heard was produced on Gibson Les Paul. Gibson Les Paul was one such guitar played by one of the biggest names in the music industry. You can interchangeably relate heavy music with Gibson guitar. You will be surprised to know that Epiphone Les Paul Studio is part of the Gibson brand for beginners like you. It is the best electric guitar for beginners in the world.

 It is the beautiful amalgamation of wisdom and techniques, which makes it a complete package for beginners. For providing unique pallets of tones, this has got two humbuckers placed in it. This guitar has a mahogany body and neck, which helps in maintaining fantastic sound quality for several hours. It has a well-crafted body made with quality materials. But you will not get features like expensive guitars.

5. Gretsch G2420 Streamliner Electric Guitar for Beginners

if you love country music, folk, or jazz music, then the Gretsch G2420 Streamliner is the best choice for learning electric guitar. It provides the world-class experience of playing the guitar, which you will never find on any other electric guitar in the marketplace.

This guitar comes from a great brand with colossal popularity all around the world. Gretsch G2420 Streamliner is a guitar that generates vibrant music, which is the best in the world.

6. Yamaha Revstar RS320

Yamaha Revstar RS320 guitar has robust hardware. It is a beautifully crafted piece of art that you will rarely find in beginner-friendly electric guitars. Its unique features permit you to focus on building your skill completely rather than stressing about its functionalities.

Electric Guitar for Beginners

7. Epiphone SG Standard Electric Guitars for Beginners

SG standard is a Guitar for beginners who wants individuality over other Guitars. That’s why you can find SG Standard in the hands of more prominent names in the music industry. For example, Black sabbath’s Tony Iommi and AC /DC’s Angus young. Loved original tones and fantastic visuals.

The Epiphone SG Standard delivers excellent tones and a well-crafted guitar’s body. It has an easy-to-handle neck. Beginners get access to higher frets which makes it a right fit for beginners like you.


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