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Do you dream of storming the stage with your guitar strings or desire to jam with your friends at a random spot? Is playing the guitar your new pursuit? If yes, then you are in the right place! Being an absolute beginner is often confusing. It isn’t easy to find a guitar that facilitates your learning and is cost-effective.

The Yamaha Corporation is a renowned musical instrument brand. Their expertise lies in producing top-notch and beginner-friendly instruments. They are established as one of the most successful acoustic bands for musicians (Source-musiccritic.com).

The latest statistics acknowledge, “Yamaha Guitars Ranked 4th among the 15 Best Guitar Brands in 2021” (Source-musiccritic.com). This article aims to assist passionate new-bees in finding the right guitar to start their musical journey.


Here is a list of 9 Best Yamaha Guitars for Beginners


1. Yamaha FD01S Acoustic Guitar

The most profound feature of this guitar is its impressive tones. While it is specifically designed for beginners, it suits advanced musicians equally well. It caters to the new bees with fantastic sound and a sturdy build. It is designed with a solid spruce top. The back, neck, and sides are laminated with Nato (Source-USA. yahama.com).

The rosewood fretboard empowers a beginner with warm and rich tones. The sound is crisp and clear with an excellent tone and projection. It makes it more playable and easier to practice. The guitar is crafted with a natural finish and has standard die-cast tuners.

The neck of the guitar makes it easier for a beginner to slide and bend. It has promising sound quality contributed by its Tonewood. The Yamaha FD01S ensures splendid tones along with a high wood value.

  • Warm and rich tones Lightweight and long-lasting quality Cost-effectiven Equips beginners with a gig maker package.
  • It is available only in one sizen Complications in tuning-stability


2. Yamaha guitars FG800 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG800 is a model which delivers imposing sound quality at beginner-friendly rates. It is designed with a solid Sitka spruce top (Source-maderasbarber.com). This quality resembles expensive guitars. The Nato lamination covers the side, back, and neck.

Its uniqueness lies in its new scalloping bracing pattern, which enhances the bass frequencies and sound projection. Besides, it provides a 43 mm nut width. That’s a boon for a young guitarist because they are not supposed to stretch as much for complicated chords.

It produces loud, consistent, and thick tones. The musical sound and budget-friendliness make it one of the best choices for beginners.

  • Budget-friendly Fantastic sound quality and bass frequencies Available in several sizes and style Sitka spruce top
  • Cheap material Sometimes the action is too high



The Yamaha FG820 has an outstanding musical tone and a durable and robust build. It is designed in a traditional look with a glossy body and natural colours. It provides five different colours and two sizes. The back and sides are made with Mahogany.

The solid-spruce top gives it durable protection. It has an authentic warm sound quality. Its scalloped bracing produces well-balanced tones. A beginner can keep hold of tunes even if played for long times. It enables playability at ease and is highly affordable to beginners.

Considering its quality with a mahogany body, scalloped bracing, and solid spruce top, you indeed achieve more return than investment.

  • Easily upgraded to your standardsnScalloped bracing produces a louder soundnHighly affordablenWide range of colors, sizes, and styles
  • Strings require to be replaced for quality performancenMay develop a buzz in some monthsn


4. Yamaha JR1 FG Junior Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior is specially designed for children. It is a ¾ steel-string guitar. It’s an ideal choice for a beginner kid. The slimmer nato neck makes it more comfortable for kids. It is lightweight, easy to tune, hold and offers a gig bag.

The body of the guitar is crafted in Meranti wood. A laminated spruce top contributes to a full bright sound. The guitar is also friendly to travel. The sound it offers, considering less investment and small size, is fantastic.

Yamaha JR1 is playable for kids, cost-effective, and holds tune for a long time. This aspect makes it a flawless choice for beginner kids.

  • Appropriate size for junior beginner Cost-effectiven Build-in Meranti wood
  • Laminated body Steel strings might hurt fingers initially


5. Yamaha Guitars APXT2 Acoustic Electric Guitar

As a beginner, if you desire a small, travel-friendly guitar with exceptional sound quality, then Yamaha APXT2 is a marvellous choice. It is available in Natural, Black, Dark Red Bust, and Old Violin Burst finishes. It has a ¾ size with a comfortable neck.

The neck size and matte finish enhance its playability for beginners. The guitar has an in-built tuner which allows tuning it anywhere quickly. It may not have as crisp sound as a full-size guitar yet, and it features loud projection and emphasis on highs.

Its basic panel and control knobs aid a beginner in playing more accurate tones.

  • Reasonable price Small size, dependable choice for new-bees, intermediates, and juniors It comes with a gig bag It has an in-built tunern Brilliant high tonesn
  • Unfit for people with large hands Boxy sound and unreliable strings Laminated bodyn


6. Yamaha FX335C Acoustic Electric Guitar

Yamaha FX335C is a traditional dreadnought guitar (Source-goodallguitars.com). It has a 40.5 inches long and 16.2 inches wide body. The scale length is 25-inch and has 20 frets. The slightly narrow mahogany neck enhances the strength and quality of the guitar.

It makes it one of the ideal options for young guitarists. The strings have a spacing of 10mm, which helps if you have smaller hands. It has a glossy finish and comes in Natural Black, Solid Black, and Tobacco Brown Burst.

The guitar delivers a competent performance with fast-strumming and hard strokes. It indeed is a dynamic companion for pop, rock, or blues. Yamaha FX335C comes at a reasonable price yet delivers solid –performance.

  • Affordable Fine quality and long-lasting material Stays in tune for a long time Cutaway dreadnoughtn
  • Sound needs amplification Not versatilen


7. Yamaha FG830 Folk Guitar

Yamaha FG830 Folk Guitar is a reasonable entry-level guitar. It is apt for a novice as well as an expert. It has a solid Sitka spruce top and a Rosewood fretboard which improves playability. Its dreadnought shape is classic and is found comfortable by every player.

The guitar has an adjustable truss rod (source- www.for.EU ). It helps in easy adjustment if the neck becomes bowed. The scalloped bracing makes the sound louder and produces rich and harmonic overtones.

  • Premium sound qualityn Durable wood material Excellent playability Custom designed bridge-bracing
  • Saddle, nut, and bridge are made of plastic Too large for kids or may appear small for adults


8. Yamaha FS850 Small Body Acoustic Guitars

The aspect that differentiates Yamaha FS850 Acoustic Guitar explicitly is its splendid ringing effect. It is a beautifully crafted small and thin body that suits young as well as intermediate players. It has a solid top designed in Mahogany wood.

The brand new scalloped bracing pattern assists beginners in producing melodious tunes. Nato wood is used in the neck and is shaped like C. The guitar has a glossy finish body with a rosewood fingerboard.

The rosewood produces extremely pleasing and warm tones, which is highly beneficial. The scale length is 24.9 inches with 20 frets. Yamaha FS850 Acoustic Guitar gives a classic vibe with the deep colour of Mahogany wood.

  • Outstanding ringing effect Classic look with deep mahogany color Die-cast tuners
  • Very Sharp stringn


9. Yamaha Guitars FG840 Acoustic Guitar

If you want to start your strumming journey with a maple guitar (Source- www.taylorguitars.com), then Yamaha FG840 acoustic guitars are the answer to your quest. It is a combination of modern, cutting–edge technology and traditional looks. It has a solid spruce top, traditional western dreadnought body, saddle made of urea, and a rosewood bridge.

The neck of the guitar has a matte finish. The solid Sitka spruce top produces bright and warm tones. The body crafted in maple enhances the transparent sound. This quality is not possible to attain with any other mahogany guitar. Enables the beginners to hit with crisp notes.

The newly designed scalloped bracing enhances volume and projection. A cream-binding on the body and neck gives the guitar an aesthetic look.


  • Aesthetic looks. Clear and crisp notes. Reasonable price .
  • Available only in natural finish. Less durable than guitars of the same range.n

Concluding Remarks

A beginner has a heart full of enthusiasm and a mind full of dilemmas! Appropriate guidance assists you in making the right choices. Selecting the Right Guitar will intensify your passion and urge to learn.

Yamaha Guitars is epitomized for their high-quality services at an affordable price. It makes them a commendable choice for beginners and intermediates.

We hope you found this article helpful in choosing your first guitar. Let us know your first choice in the comment section below.

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