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Hello Friends, This is Sumedh Ramteke from KnowGuitars.com Your Guide for Guitar in this post I will tell you the Types of Guitar. KnowGuitars.com is a blog basically for Guitar but I will also write about any other Musical Instruments as per choice and as per your preference.

Today, I will tell you about The Types of Guitar. If you are a Guitar Lover or a music lover and like to play the guitar and want to play the guitar and want to buy your 1st best guitar or you are just curious about the types of the guitar then this video is for you.

So, without a further delay let’s get started to know about the types of Guitar.


1st Type of Guitar – Acoustic Guitar

The 1st type of guitar is Acoustic Guitar, this type of guitar you have seen in the movies that actors play or sing with this guitar mostly.

This type of guitar is of mainly 2 types

1st is with Nylon String

which is also called classical guitar or Spanish guitar. This type of guitar has a broader fretboard than other guitars and the voice of this guitar is softer than the others.

2nd is with Steel Strings

This you have seen mostly in the movies, You can play on this guitar Folk, Jazz, Rock and many more types of music so this guitar is also called a versatile guitar. This guitar’s sound is louder and vibrant.


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2nd Type of Guitar – Semi-Acoustic Guitar

It is the same as Acoustic Guitar, only the difference is this type of guitar comes with a pickup, the use of it is to connect the guitar with an amplifier and amplify the sound.


3rd Type of Guitar – Electric Guitar

This type of guitar has a metal body. And you can not play this guitar without an amplifier, you can play electric guitar with the use of an amplifier. The electric guitar is easy to play as its strings are close to the fretboard. The electric guitar you can get in the market in many colours, shades and so many attractive shapes and styles.


4th Type of Guitar – Twelve Strings Guitar

This type of guitar as per the name comes with 12 strings in 6 courses. 1 course means 1 pair of strings. It produces a thicker and more ringing tone than a regular guitar. Also called rhythm Instruments.


5th Type of Guitar – Archtop Guitar

As shown in the picture it is the same as acoustic and semi-acoustic guitar with steel strings only. And does not have a flat top like a regular guitar. This type of guitar is best for Jazz music.


6th Type of Guitar – Steel Guitar

You can play this guitar by keeping it on your lap. To play this guitar you need a steel bar in one hand and a picker in the other hand. Steel guitar also called Hawaiin Guitar.


7th Type of Guitar – Resonator Guitar

It is an acoustic guitar that produces sound by conducting strings vibrations. This type of guitar is louder than the regular acoustic guitar. This guitar comes in 2 styles – one with a square neck which can play as a steel guitar by keeping on lap. And the other is a round neck guitar which can play as a regular guitar.


8th Type of Guitar – Bass Guitar

This guitar has only 4 strings and all the strings are thicker than the regular guitar. This guitar has a long neck.


9th Type of Guitar – Double Neck Guitar

It is a combination of a 12 Strings Guitar and an Electric Guitar. As per the name it has 2 necks. The upper neck has 12 strings and the lower neck has 6 strings.

This guitar allows the guitarist to switch quickly and easily between guitar sounds. If you have seen the title song of the Jhoom Barabar Jhoom movie, Amitabh Bachchan is playing Double neck guitar in that song.


So these are the 9 types of guitar we have seen in the post and ⬇️ the video. Please let me know in the comment box which guitar you will prefer to buy or you like most.

Have I missed any type of guitar to mention here? Please let me in the comment box.



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