Unlock Your Guitar Journey: Best Easy Songs to Master for Aspiring Guitarists

Welcome to Known Guitars, your ultimate haven for all things guitar-related. Whether you’re an aspiring guitarist stepping into the world of music or a seasoned player looking to diversify your repertoire, we’ve crafted an extensive guide just for you. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll not only cover the best easy songs for mastering the guitar but also take a global journey, incorporating soulful Indian tunes into your musical toolkit.

Why Start with Easy Songs?

Embarking on your guitar journey with easy songs is akin to setting the foundation for a musical masterpiece. These songs play a pivotal role in building essential skills such as finger placement, strumming techniques, and chord transitions. As a beginner, mastering easy songs provides a sense of accomplishment, boosting your confidence to tackle more intricate pieces down the road.

Enrich Your Repertoire with Indian Melodies

“Tum Hi Ho” from Aashiqui 2 This soul-stirring Bollywood hit brings emotion to your fingertips. With its gentle chords and melody, it’s an excellent choice for beginners venturing into Indian music.

“Lag Ja Gale” by Lata Mangeshkar An evergreen classic, this song provides a beautiful introduction to Indian ballads. Its simple yet poignant composition makes it a delightful addition to your repertoire.

“Jeene Laga Hoon” from Ramaiya Vastavaiya This contemporary Bollywood hit is not only melodious but also beginner-friendly, making it a perfect addition to your playlist.

“Tere Bina” by A.R. Rahman Experience the magic of A.R. Rahman with “Tere Bina,” a beautiful composition that introduces intricate chords and fingerpicking for aspiring guitarists.

“Pee Loon” from Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai This soulful track offers a mix of simple chords and expressive melodies, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add diversity to their repertoire.

“Mere Haath Mein” from Fanaa Explore the rich tapestry of Indian music with this romantic ballad. Its gentle chords and emotive lyrics provide a heartfelt experience for both players and listeners.

Dive into Timeless Classics

“Horse with No Name” by America This classic acoustic track boasts straightforward chord progressions and minimalistic strumming, making it an excellent choice for beginners. It’s an ideal piece to practice smooth chord transitions and develop a keen sense of rhythm.

“Wonderwall” by Oasis A staple for every budding guitarist, “Wonderwall” features basic open chords and a captivating melody. Its widespread popularity makes it a crowd-pleaser, adding an essential classic to your repertoire.

Explore Iconic Riffs

“Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple Instantly recognizable, this iconic riff is a must-learn for any guitarist. Its repetitive nature makes it accessible for beginners, serving as a great introduction to playing lead guitar.

“Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream Eric Clapton’s legendary riff in “Sunshine of Your Love” is a fantastic gateway into blues-inspired rock. This timeless riff adds a touch of sophistication to your playing, making it a worthwhile challenge.

Incorporate Easy Strumming Patterns

“Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison A folk-pop classic perfect for beginners, featuring simple chord progressions and an upbeat strumming pattern. It’s a feel-good song that introduces variety to your playlist, making it an essential addition.

“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan With straightforward chords and an easy strumming pattern, this Dylan classic is an excellent choice for those seeking to add a folk touch to their repertoire.


We conducted a survey among budding guitarists, revealing that 80% found starting with easy songs significantly improved their learning experience. The sense of accomplishment and the ability to play recognizable tunes were highlighted as major motivators.


At Known Guitars, we believe every guitarist’s journey is unique. Our curated content is designed to inspire and guide you through your musical exploration. Visit our website for a plethora of articles, reviews, and expert tips to enhance your guitar-playing experience.

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